We recently had a very exciting day at Kleinbosch! We had the opportunity to host Angie Khumalo and DJ Cleo of Vaya Mzansi, the new travel show on SABC1 (Mondays at 18h30). On Vaya Mzansi, Angie and Cleo are shown riding motorcycles around South Africa visiting interesting and unusual places and trying new things.

They arrived earlier than expected (a whole day earlier actually, but that’s another story) to great excitement in our shop. Erica and Monica were beside themselves when they heard that DJ Cleo was one of the presenters we were expecting. They are HUGE fans!

The first thing you learn watching a film crew is how many times they do things over to get it the way the producer wants it – from the number of times they came through the gate and up our driveway on their motorcycles to the number of times they had to repeat the same conversation over again so it could be shot from a different angle.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Angie Khumalo and DJ Cleo from the new SABC1 travel show, Vaya Mzansi, which airs beginning Monday, 11 February. Here, they are getting instructions on clay shooting from our gun master, Rob McCarthy.

We started by taking them clay pigeon shooting. First, I took the producer and the film crew to the shooting site. They spent about 20 minutes looking at the view and appreciating the fresh air while I explained how the shootings works, where everyone stands and how the presenters would be coached. Next, our gun master, Rob, and the presenters arrived at about the same time and everyone sprang into action. The producer asked Rob if he would be able to do any of the explaining/coaching in Zulu and was really pleasantly surprised when he found that Rob could do the whole thing in Zulu.

The clay shooting scene took ages to film with all the different takes from different angles and discussion about dialogue. DJ Cleo hit his first clay to great excitement by the crew. In the end he got 3 out of the 6 that he shot. Angie hit 1 out of 3 and that was exciting too. They had both told me they were nervous to look foolish if they couldn’t hit anything. I had assured them that Rob is a great coach.

Next we took them back to the shop for horse riding. Angie told me she had only ridden once before but she looked like a pro as she gracefully mounted Spirit. Cleo was a little more hesitant as he had never ridden but he managed to get up on Captain fairly smoothly. The producer started to tell our guide, Alfred what he wanted him to do, where he wanted him to stop, etc. only for Alfred to ask him to please speak in Zulu. When the producer looked flummoxed, Angie stepped in and translated from there on out between the producer and Alfred. They really enjoyed their ride and Alfred was embarrassed and shy (and pleased) about being interviewed. Cleo said he had sent some photos to his wife and promised her he’d bring her back some day.


Angie and Cleo getting ready to ride with Alfred, one of our expert horsemen and guides.

We really enjoyed the time we spent with this highly professional and very friendly group! And we are really looking forward to seeing our spot on Vaya Mzansi.  Before the crew left, Cleo asked if Erica and Monica would like to have their picture taken with him. He couldn’t have left them with a better gift!

Erica and Monica were very excited to meet DJ Cleo! Sorry Girls, he is Happily Married!



“We are so blessed! We live in a part of the country that people choose to visit as a holiday destination”   This was something that my husband said to a journalist a few years ago. Does that mean that we perpetually live in “holiday mode”?   Unfortunately not!

Like most small business owners, we wear a variety of hats throughout the day, the week and the year. Our business runs 7 days a week and we close our doors only 2 days a year (Christmas and New Year’s).  I have always been a “list person” however in order to work smarter, we had a productivity consultant visit our office last year and now all of our business functions work on check lists.

I have even created check lists for my kids so that I could stop nagging them about everything they are supposed to be doing throughout the day. I seem to perpetually exist on a list or between lists or creating lists or anticipating the next list. If I am not using one of these amazing productivity tools, I am creating one for another task in the office where I feel one would be well-used. This has made everything and everybody very productive and we are beginning to notice fewer and fewer errors in different business functions. Wonderful right?

On Saturday after lunch, I took my glass of wine and sat on the lawn in front of my house. The outside speakers were on and the 80s DSTV audio channel was playing.  A Bon Jovi song came on and I lay back on the grass and sang along.  My 8-year-old daughter came out of the house and found me like this. She said, “Mommy, your face looks so relaxed!” And I realised firstly that she was right, I was truly relaxed for the first time in a long while and secondly, sadly, that she doesn’t often see me looking relaxed.  

I sat up and looked at the view from where I was sitting and I looked at our amazing rose garden and gave myself a little shake – “SLOW DOWN!” I told myself. “STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES!”

I really do want my kids to get used to my face looking relaxed.  I encourage any of you who are equally stuck between “this really important thing” and “the next urgent thing” to do the same, and I highly recommend a weekend in the Midlands …  to get that relaxed look on your face!


We love helping to plan someone’s special day!  We often get requests for romantic picnics at the lapa by the dam and last week we were asked to plan an engagement proposal picnic!

Darryl phoned and asked if we could help him plan a surprise Proposal for his girlfriend.  Bronwyn always talked to him about wanting to go riding and her love of horses.  After a search on the Web, Darryl located us, and asked us here at Kleinbosch to assist in him the preparation and planning of his surprise proposal picnic proposal.  Time was limited!

He was lucky to get a sunshiny day! None the wiser, Bronwyn was excited for her ride.  As Darryl and Bronwyn made off into the distance, we hurried everything down to the lapa to set up the surprise picnic for Darryl’s proposal.

Our favourite part of the occasion,  is making it look special and imagining how excited the couple are going to be when they arrive back at the Lapa, and it looks like the “picnic fairies” have been sprinkling their magical dust to surprise them both! We did our bit in the time we had, but we needed to hurry back up to the shop as soon as we heard the horses trotting up the path. Sneaking and scurrying  from tree to tree, we did not want to give the surprise away or take anything away from those “fairies” . The couple needed to be totally alone for this really special occasion.

The Horses returned to the Paddock, but Darryl and Bronwyn lazed around the Dam in each others company for another two and half hours. Unfortunately I was out when they walked back up to their car, but I got a text that afternoon: “She said YES! ”  …. You just gotta Love, Love!

Congratulations Darryl and Bronwyn!  May your love for each other continue to grow for many, many years to come. Thank you for choosing us to be part of your life and a memory you won’t forget.

Marriage Proposal at Kleinberg Wines





Clay pigeon shooting, also known as clay target shooting, and formally known as Inanimate Bird Shooting, is the art of shooting at special flying targets, known as clay pigeons or clay targets, with a shotgun or any type of firearm.

The terminology commonly used by clay shooters often relates to times past, when live-pigeon competitions were held. Although such competitions were made illegal in the UK in 1921, a target is still called a “target” or “bird”, a hit is referred to as a “hit” or “kill”, a missed target might be described as a “bird away” and the machine which projects the targets is known as a “trap”.

This video will give you some useful tips to make sure you are going to know more than your mate when venturing out on our Estate  for this fun activity!


Join us at Kleinbosch Estate, to practice your shooting skills while enjoying the views. Drinks (wine & beer) and snacks can be served from the lapa after the shoot. Booking is essential.

For booking and enquiries, contact:

Tel: (033) 266 6170 / Fax: (033) 266 6175
Cell: (083) 280 3898 / (082) 854 3076

You will read many good reviews of Caversham Mill Restaurant and they are all well-deserved. I want to give them kudos on something slightly different.

There is a tradition here in the Midlands of taking our Michaelhouse boys out for a Friday supper leave (each boy gets three of these per term). As we are locals, we encourage our son to bring friends whose parents are not local so that they can get out too.

The Caversham Mill menu is wonderful and full of very beautifully described, interesting options of old style wholesome country fare with wonderful little twists here and there – amazing for foodies!

I was really looking forward to eating there, however, interesting is not what attracts teenage boysSimple and really filling is what they are looking for and Caversham Mill has just what they want!

We were excited to see on the corner of the specials board, the “School Tie Menu”, which includes T-Bone and Chips, Szechuan Ribs and Chips, Cajun Steak. I did have to explain to the boys what Szechuan meant, but all 4 of them opted for the 500 gram T-Bone and chips.

Cavershammill Menu; school tie

Perfectly prepared and perfect for teenage boys! Filling doesn’t begin to describe it. One boy pushed himself back from the table and announced that he felt like a lion after a kill!

Caversham Mill we will be back on another Friday night supper leave! 

P.S. Our food was great too! And the pudding . . . . mmmmmm!

Approximate travelling time from Durban to Caversham Mill Estate: 1,5 hours, just off Nottingham Road and very close to our little spot in paradise.

Be sure to pop in at Our Estate for a wine tasting and to check out the Adventures on Offer and our self catering Cottage. Don’t forget to keep up to date with all Midlands Events by checking out our events Calendar.

Happy travels peeps!


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Welcome to the new site of the KleinboschFUN Blog! We’ll be blogging with images, short and sweet goodies in and around the Notties area and anything that may be of interest to you. Stay Tuned… Our first Blog will be up and running soon.

Have a Great weekend!